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Selection of a best wordpress theme

I want to use a wordpress theme for site which is about education and is for students and tutors. What should I consider selecting a

Getting rid of the blog portion

I am building an ecommerce store using a woocommerce theme and don’t want the blog on my site at all. I have no idea how

How to move logo to right side?

I am new to WP and try to make an RTL theme out of Customizr so that its logo appear to the right side. However

how do config PHPCHART Script For wordpress theme

i have a wordpress theme that i want use PHPChart in some page … first step of using PHPChart is confige file ‘conf.php’ , i

Export links of custom created admin page

All right so i have created a page in the wordpress admin called Theme Options.When i export my files the links of these pages are

Navigation menu with zurb foundation framework

I am using zurb foundation.In desktop view parent menu with child menu link work.But when I go for mobile view parent menu link is disabled.Instead

What is the best Daily Deal WP theme? [on hold]

I’m looking to setup a functional daily deal site. Nothing fancy for now, just a simple site that looks good where I can add products

any theme which is good to show ad in mobile? [on hold]

i use bueno free theme and install ad with google publisher plugin. On PC, it’s good to show ad in my website while on mobile,

Force theme or disallow theme change

Can I force a theme? I mean that the user cannot change intentionaly or accidentaly the theme I made for that website. I would like

Dash or underscore in theme folder name?

I’m confused and I didn’t find any answer by Googling. My theme files such as single.php or header.php reside in a folder. Should I use

What would be the perfect WP theme store for you? [on hold]

I am planning on creating a new online templates store, and competing with megasites like Themeforest and Monstertemplates. Lets skip the part where I’m insane

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