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how to list viewed categories wordpress

Would it be possible to build a list of categories navigated by current user viewing the site? Let’s image that I’m viewing a site and

Widgets not adding div on before and after title

I’m trying to get a wrapper around my h3 widget title, because i want to give the h3 a vertical align bottom. Currently i’m registering

Need two sidebar (right and left)in Twenty Seven theme

I need two sidebars in Twenty Seven Theme. I created in Function.php, sidebar.php and index.php also. But both sidebars appearing on left. Please help me

I accidentally added a widget area called sidebar 1

I accidentally added a widget area called sidebar 1 (because I was an idiot and read the instructions in the Widget Name area wrong). Now

Color picker in widget appears twice when added via the Customizer

I’ve used this as a reference to add a color picker to custom widget. Everything works great when this widget is added into the

How can I order the "Woocommerce Products Widget" by the sales date?

I am using WordPress with Woocommerce and want to order the “Woocommerce Product Widget” by the “sales date”. The default order options are “date, price,

widget title and content text shows link with no link coded

One of the widgets are oddly showing links where no link was inserted. The widget title and content text words have no link in the

Missing widget settings

after doing some WordPress development I’ve noticed that I can’t customize two of them any longer. Chrome console is empty, also when I’ve enabled WP_DEBUG

Adding widgets with Featured Image via the Customizer run hundreds of queries

I add a widget via Customizer. It’s a simple widget, with basic loop, which displays 10 latest posts where each post have Featured Image. Because

how to remove widgets from widgets page?

I’m trying to remove widgets from the widgets page. I was able to find the code to remove them, for example: unregister_widget('WP_Widget_Meta'); That removes the

How to build theme setting with widget?

I new to WordPress. I learn to build custom theme with panel, sections, settings, and controls. I able to build custom theme from HTML. I

Hiding the widget meta box in the Appearance->Widget screen

I don’t want to unregister_widget() the widget on the screen, rather, just hide them for users that are not admin’s. Any ideas? I tried: remove_meta_box(‘widget-id’,

Is it ok not to set widget in the main page of a one page WordPress Theme?

The theme I have been developing for themeforest submission is a one page WordPress personal portfolio theme. There is no widget in the main page

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Text goes outside of the text widget in WordPress

I’m totally a new person when it comes to CSS and PHP, I am trying to create an own nice looking WP template based on

Fatal Error (Call to a member function… ) on production site, but not development site

Though I’ve seen references to similar errors, I have yet to find one quite like my own very special error here. SAD STORY A parent

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