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Why use dynamic_sidebar() conditionally?

In the codex example of displaying sidebars, what is the significance of the conditional wrapping around the call to dynamic_sidebar? Why do this: <?php if

Using javascript on the new widget preview / customizer page

Widget customizer has just become core in WordPress 3.9. I’m trying out the beta version hoping to get widgets working on the customize screen in

Author template, filter sidebar widgets by author?

I’d like to be able to filter my sidebar widgets (tag cloud, category, archive) to only show those tags/categories/months that apply to a given author

Editing field element that is an array

I am creating a widget that displays images with certain css classes that link to respective websites. It’s form should have three fields: the link

Disable wordpress widget automatically on error

I have a small widget which gets some information from other websites. Now, at times it is possible that these other websites are not available.

How do I center this widget? My efforts have not worked [on hold]

I’ve been trying to center my “Who’s Online” BuddyPress widget. I used this code, but it hasn’t helped: .widget.buddypress .avatar-block .item-avatar img { text-align: center;

if is within sidebar

I have several sidebars (more then 1 on a page) and I would like to set different image sizes to widgets, depending in which sidebar

Recent Comments/Posts Widget – adding avatar

Is it possible to place avatar instead of user name on the recent comments widget ? I would like to do this with functions.php file.

Widget Configuration and Editing

I have an appointment form on my home page and it is currently not working. i would like to configure the settings and link the

Insert custom content before widget title/after widget opening tag

I am trying to target a widget with a specific class, and place something directly after the opening tag or before the widget title. This:

document.getElementById is null, and can’t seem to use window.onload in Widget Javascript [on hold]

I’m writing a widget that is using javascript code that it is registering. The problem is that when I use the document.getElementById it returns null,

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