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Woocommerce – Badge next to pricing

I’m trying to add an icon next to a product that can be shipped in a different warehouse which means quicker delivery time. For example,

Is there a way to import more number of amazon products using woo commerce?

I am trying to build an amazon affiliate ecommerce website using wordpress. I have to manually import products(max 10) from amazon every time. Is there

Separate Woocommerce Shop Pages

I wanted to make a separate Woocommerce shop page as a template in my theme. So I made special-shop.php as a template file as specified

woocommerce – switch account from URL

I am trying to figure out how to allow people to switch subscription variations using an add to cart method. Currently, people sign up using

Woocommerce admin Product Data Field Positions

I have added the SKU field to my General Tab under Product Data in the Admin panel – see image 1. Existing Layout I want

Looking for a Woo-commerce addon or plugin to have a drop down accordion. Example website in comments When you click on a product a drop down appears with a small product description and a link to the product shop. Is this

Hide / Change WooCommerce admin notice

Hi WooCommerce ninjas! I’m developing WooCommerce plugin and every time when I submit form (Save Changes button) on top shows update notice with ‘Your settings

Add ‘Number of stock’ to WooCommerce Variable Product Dropdown

I have found how to add Sold out in variable drop down in Woocommerce what I want to do is to place the number of

Woocommerce free theme

sorry for my question, but Im looking for woocommerce free theme more than 4 hours and dont want waste my time. Exist some woocommerce free

How to add variations to product in woo-commerce using API

I tried to create products in woo-commerce using API with product variations but it gives error like authentication failed. If I remove variations from API

Woocommerce display product pricing rules

Okay, my main problem here is that it does not read the if statement, but only the else. The else works fine and shows up

showing woocommerce products while cart empty

I need to show woo commerce products while cart is empty in same page, for users(login/not logged in). Currently it shows button for Return to

Add custom text field on single product page

How to add custom text field on single product page and display value in cart, checkout and view order ? Read more here: Add custom

MySQL Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value error

I’m trying to create a MySQL query to update all of the product variations tax class in Woocommerce. Using the query below I keep getting

Price not updating in the navigation (front end)

I have copied the code from <ul id="site-header-cart" class="site-header-cart menu"> <li class=""> <a class="cart-contents" href="" title="View your shopping cart"> <span class="amount">&pound;168.00</span> <span class="count">12 items</span>

Woocommerce get order id in order page

I try to get the order id in my hook woocommerce_checkout_process in order page but i’ve no value, these are the method i tried :

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