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woocommarce add additional price on user selection option with out using gravity Form

i want to add additionnal price,when user can select any extra choice from woocomarc Product details page extra option display in woocomarc cart and order

woocommerce membership expires unpublist posts

When a membership expires I would like that member’s post to be unpublished. How do I do this? I am not using the woocommerce subscription

In Woocommerce I want to add my custom payment gateway code along with Cheque payment

I need to integrate the code of payment gateway in woocommerce. I have installed the Custom payment gateway plugin. But I didn’t finf the option Credit Card Gateway for WooCommerce

I am using Credit Card Gateway for WooCommerce. All the payment is working fine but when i login admin panel and go WooCommerce settings

on click add to cart button in woocommerce add 10% extra amount in each product

Woocommerce Product Details page:- i want to add extra price. when click “add to cart button. I want to be able to completely override the

ccavenue woocommerce plugin is not redirecting to ccavenue

I have an ecommerce site(woocommerce). Recently I had developed a theme by myself and had added required plugins including woocommerce. As woocommerce has not payment

Jquery WooCommerce Select A Product Attribute Based on Previous Selection

In WooCommerce, I have a Couple of Attributes, Style and Frame Color. When the options Aluminum, Acrylic or Mat Only are Selected, the only color

Categories not shown in admin after adding woocommerce products via wp wc cli

After the following script is run wp wc product create --name='b' --categories=32 --user=user Output is printed: Success: Created product 1370. But no categories are shown

WooCommerce REST API Performance

I am using the WooCommerce REST API to pull data into an iOS app. The response time is abysmal. I have checked my plugins for

Bulk Attribute assign, in add new product based on category Woocommerce

I have add attributes in woocommerce (and categories). I want to assign multiple attributes ( inches, resolution, color, etc) on a category (TV) .When i

WooCommerce 3.0 enqueue bundled scripts and styles, zoom, photoswipe

I was using prettyphoto in my WooCommerce Addon, and it was loading from WooCommerce files, but in v 3.0 WooCommerce has removed the prettyphoto and

In woocommerce how to add text box dynamically in checkout page and show in order detail page?

i am adding text box textbox dynamically using jQuery in checkout page but i don’t no how to show text box value in order page

Change property name of stdClass Object

I am writing json response for woocommerce website for new mobile app. I am totally new to json,php,woocommerce. From lot of searching I got this

Woocommerce additional translation with option for future update plugin

Is it any option to create own translate of woocommerce which differs only in few words from the official translate? Of course I can take

auto load attributes to certain category from frontend in woocommerce

i’m using wordpress and woocommerce and dokan for multivendor ecommerce site the marketplace website will have multiple categories, each categories have different attributes. example: Category:

How to only show specific orders status for specific Shop Manager role in Woocommerce?

I need to show my (WooCommerce > Orders) order with specific orders status (example: Only Processing Orders) for specific Shop Manager role Shop Manager A:

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