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Images for Orbit Slider

header.php <script> $(document).foundation({ orbit: { animation: 'slide', timer_speed: 1000, pause_on_hover: true, animation_speed: 500, navigation_arrows: true, bullets: false } }); </script> functions.php wp_enqueue_script('jquery' ); wp_register_script('jquery', get_template_directory_uri()

WordPress Custom Query With Multiple Meta Key Value

I am new with WordPress development and I have found this query and I want pass multiple key and value in this query. My Query

WP_QUERY Get posts by category and similar name (Like)

I have a small problem with wp_query. I want to get the posts filtered by category and with similar project name (like query), so im

How can i show pagenavi in my author.php?

With this query in author.php i show all posts from a specific author_id/name/slug. But the problem is when i set the minimum of posts to

Wildcard search in WP Query

I am trying to do something like this: $args = array( 'post_type' => 'product', 'meta_query' => array( array( 'key' => 'custom-text-field', 'value' => '%rocket%', 'compare'

meta_query compare not working

I’m trying to run this WP_Query on tag.php, and it doesn’t seem to work. $tag = get_query_var(‘tag’); $args = array ( ‘tag’ => $tag, ‘meta_query’

How to retrieve a posts ranking basing on other table?

I want to show a ranking posts in a page. The votes for the ranking are stored at wp_wti_like_post table and value column. I’ve tried

Does query_posts have an effect on get_the_category?

I am having trouble debugging a situation, and I think some better background information on how these systems work would be very helpful. I know

How to reduce the number of queries?

I have meta key “Due” for posts….if a post has expired (past the current date or not equal to it) then it will not be

wp_query orderby random do not repeat infinite scroll – one loop

I have found a lot of documentation on solving this issue with multiple loops, I’m finding it hard to see a solution for one custom

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