i’m trying to change the file links that upload to EDD wordpress plugin.
Suppose I change the links from




i update following query in my wordoress database:

UPDATE wp_posts SET guid = REPLACE(guid, 'downloadfreefile.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/', 'downloadfreefile.com/wp-content/uploads/')
WHERE guid LIKE '%downloadfreefile.com/edd%';

UPDATE wp_postmeta SET meta_value = REPLACE(meta_value, 'downloadfreefile.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/', 'downloadfreefile.com/wp-content/uploads/')
WHERE meta_value LIKE '%dl.downloadfreefile.com/edd%';

And then I enter the library media has changed the link properly.

but the problem:

i have to many post in downloads (edd-> easy digital download) that i want edd_repeatable_upload_field metabox automatically change.

but after above query this metabox is removed.

please help for automatic edit 3000post file link save in metabox.

Read more here: change EDD file links in database


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