Changed mac username, now WordPress permalinks not working

I changed the user folder name on my macbook, now I get a 404 when accessing a child page via localhost using my local apache2 server.

I can’t 100% guarantee this is what is causing my woes, but that is a major recent change – and since then I can’t load interior pages/posts.


Homepage loads, WordPress Admin works – just subpages.

Trouble-shooting so far:

  1. Saved Permalinks in the WordPress Admin to regenerate them
  2. Updated /etc/apache2/extra/httpd-vhost.conf
  3. Grepped /etc/apache2/ to verified no old username
  4. Restarted Apache (restarted my computer!)
  5. Grepped /Users/newuser recursively for old username
  6. Followed this post using functions.php and wp-config.php methods and regeneration steps
  7. Verified via phpinfo(); and /etc/apache2/httpd.conf that mod_rewrite is enabled
  8. .htaccess contains typical single site entry

Would be happy to hear from someone who’s found the secret key.

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