Changing Multisite URL after the subsite has been in use

I have a wordpress multisite installation which uses subdomains for subsites. However, I have received request that I have to change the domain of one of the subsites from e.g. to some other e.g. I’ve found this link that explains that top level domains for subsites can be changed, upon installation in the wp-admin:

How to use WordPress Multisite With Different Domain Names?

But my site has been in use for some time, stuff likes themes and plugis have been changed from defaults, and it have active users. If I follow the instructions from the answer above, and change the URL for a subsite, will this break the site? Do I need to make a manual change somewhere in mysql or wp-config.php?

My wp version is 4.9.4 . Note that I do not want to change the multisite original domain, just a domain of one of its subsites. I have tried “changing” the domain by using a reverse proxy through apache, however, even if I get the desired url in the browser, the page is dynamically generated with the links to the old domain, and when I follow any of them I am naturally redirected to the old domain.

Read more here:: Changing Multisite URL after the subsite has been in use

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