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hey i’m using my own payment gateway starpass.

starpass is micropayment gateway ,i’m currently trying to create a woocommerce payment gateway for it .
i’m facing an issue the ‘kit’ that Starpass gives you for the payment will redirect the customer automaticaly to a url you MUST specify in the document create step in starpass .

starpass require :

url1 where the user gonna sees the starpasskit (

url2 where the codes going to be checked(

url3 error page if the payment goes wrong (

in the Check.php , starpass gives you an api wich you can check if the codes is Valid :

something like :

if(isset($_POST['code1'])) $code1 = $_POST['code1']; 
if(isset($_POST['code2'])) $code2 = ";".$_POST['code2']; 
if(isset($_POST['code3'])) $code3 = ";".$_POST['code3']; 
if(isset($_POST['code4'])) $code4 = ";".$_POST['code4']; 
if(isset($_POST['code5'])) $code5 = ";".$_POST['code5']; 

     //check codes here and return either YES / NO as a response 

Now that The Specifying the CHECK page is necessary to create a document in starpass , how can i integrate that kind of payment in my woocommerce ?

I ‘v tried to use something like :

putting an iframe in the payment page :

the Place order button will be disabled until the Iframe content contain a text for example “Done”.

thanks in advance .

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