I am using the llorix_one_lite theme, and I love it. It has an awesome front-page with different sections, which are included in a “sections” folder. For example: llorix_one_lite_contact_info_section.php.

I have added a simple text field to the theme customizer on a local site. It works perfectly.

I did this by first creating a child theme: Llorrix_one_lite_child. And then in a “sections” folder I have a file called: Llorix_one_lite_child_contact_info_section.php, which is identical to the parent file with the exception of the h2 tag i am editing through the customizer.

When I upload this to a live site, it does not work. The child file (llorix_one_lite_child_contact_info_section.php) is not overriding the parent counterpart (llorix_one_lite_contact_info_section.php).

I know the code in the functions.php is working, as it saves the setting in the customizer, but is not outputted (because the get_theme_mod is never called on said ).

Should I rename the child file to: llorix_one_lite_contact_info_section_child.php? — Or:

I only tried the latter on my local machine, but it breaks the section. It shows up in the customizer, but changes nothing on the frontend.

Thank you for reading my long (and first post) here on the wordpress community. I am new at wordpress develeping, but hope to have a career in web development and/or front-end developing.


Read more here: Child Theme not overriding a template section on live site – but is on local site


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