Child theme WordPress: Override custom options on functions.php according to urls params

So I’m using Newspaper theme for WordPress and would like to change the ads using functions.php depending on the url inputed.

If there is ?ads=no appended to the url it won’t show ads at all.

If there is ?ads=x or ?ads=y appended to the url it will show ads from a specific partner (we will have many).

For example, the theme shows the header ad like this:

<div class="td-header-rec-wrap">
    $tds_header_ad_title = td_util::get_option('tds_header_title');

    // show the header ad spot
    echo td_global_blocks::get_instance('td_block_ad_box')->render(array('spot_id' => 'header', 'spot_title' => $tds_header_ad_title)); ?>


File location /parts/header/ads.php

And the class is this:

class td_global_blocks {
    private static $global_instances = array();
    private static $global_id_lazy_instances = array();

     * @param $block_instance
     * @deprecated Use add_id instead of it. It's maintained just for plugin compatibility
    static function add_instance($block_instance) {

     * @param $block_id string keeps a reference of the block for lazy instance
    static function add_lazy_shortcode($block_id) {
        self::$global_id_lazy_instances[] = $block_id;
        add_shortcode($block_id, array('td_global_blocks', 'proxy_function'));

    static function proxy_function($atts, $content, $tag) {
        return self::get_instance($tag)->render($atts, $content);

    static function get_instance($block_id) {
        if (isset(self::$global_instances[$block_id])) {
            return self::$global_instances[$block_id];
        } else if (in_array($block_id, self::$global_id_lazy_instances)) {
            $new_instance = new $block_id();
            self::$global_instances[$block_id] = $new_instance;
            return $new_instance;
        } else {
             * return a fake new instance of td_block - so that we have the render() method for decoupling - when the blocks are deleted :)  @todo wtf?
            return new td_block();

File location includes/wp_booster/td_global_blocks.php

I know it’s possible to override. Maybe using something like add_action() or add_filter(). I just don’t know how to do it.

Could you please help me out?

I appreciate your time. Thanks heaps 😉

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