Codestar Framework Shortcode WordPress

how can i use Codestar Framework Shortcode options? I wanted to apply my shortcode from Codestar Framework “Add Shortcode” button. The shortcode is:


In technology.php section i use this shortcode by this:

Now i wanted to apply this shortcode from Codestar “Add SHortcode” button. How can i done this?

I already tried this:

// -----------------------------------------
$options[]     = array(
  'title'      => 'Single Shortcode Examples',
  'shortcodes' => array(

    // begin: shortcode
      'name'      => 'contructor_technology',
      'title'     => 'Add Technology Shortcode',
      'fields'    => array(

          'type'    => 'content',
          'content' => 'Select Your Shortcode and click to insert it to Page',

    // end: shortcode

but the fact is that, it worked only pages not in some specific section like technology.php, service.php which i wanted.

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