Combining Widgets

I’m building a woocommerce page for a client, which obviously features event/product creation.

now i want to clean the admin dashboard up for him, so that it looks and feels the way he is comfortable with it, remove unnecessary steps/boxes etc.

now i wonder: can i combine widgets (and functions) into one?

example: I want to make “creating events” easier for him.
current workflow: events->add new->enter title, enter description, enter event data in fooevents widget, enter time info to theeventcalendar, publish the same event under categories “events” and “tickets” (to sell tickets).

ideal workflow: i want to put all that onto the dashboard inside one widget.
like title, description, event data, time, location, categories, all in one place with customized inputs and grouping, while automating stuff like the “double-publish”.

is this generally possible? i started by making a clean dashboard with a custom widget, but now i’m struggling to get the whole stuff together in one place…. can you point me in a direction?
thanks a lot!

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