Component rezing over parent width

I’m having a problem with my wordpress CSS.

I’ve a side bar where i place my widgets

I’m using the plugin Q2W3 Fixed Widget to keep the some widgets scrolling down when the user scrolls down the page

the problem is that this widget breaks other widgets CSS and i cant figure out which property is being set to the result get like what i see.

After the user scrolls down the where the widget is inside gets bigger than the parent and the result is the content is parcially blocked.


When I dont use the Q2W3 Fixed Widget the instagram widget looks normal

I setted ALL COMPONENTS TO width:inherit so they shouldn’t get wider than the parent…
i also double checked that no css is forcing any component size, this size is being get by an auto property

Is dificult to copy here all the CSS related because is wordpress with several plugins but i’ll put the link to the website here so anyone who can help me can try to check the behavior online

thankyou for the help

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