Content personalization

We have a quite popular website with about 15k of concurrent visitors on it at peak times and lots of content for them. What we want to build is a module on our home page which will allow users to get latest articles based on their interests which will be connected to our custom taxonomies. We have few major ones we’d like to use with hundreds or sometimes thousands of terms in them. So in terms of architecture we’re planning to stick with REST API to gather JSON objects of latest posts and then on the front end we’ll use some JS to display all of that. My question is, how heavy it’ll be for WordPress to handle that task? Let’s say we create a single endpoint which will process posts from several taxonomies based on user’s interests. So imagine having a million of users with a unique set of posts in that module. I’m assuming we can’t use any sort of caching here and our goal would be to decrease response time of that endpoint? I was looking at shortinit method of WP load, but is there anything else we can use? Or is there a better way to handle that job?
Any help appreciated.

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