Convert SQL Query to WP_Query

I have been working with a third party wishlist module that causes some issues. Overcoming many of them I have one left.

The architecture of everything in our website is this:

  • 12 Products
  • 1 Random Category

The above loops with infinite scroll paging until the last page.

So, to achieve this I am using WP_Query.

However the plugin I am working on for the wishlist display page has the following query.

$posts = $wpdb->get_results(
                b.ID AS posts_id,
                b.post_title AS posts_title,
                b.post_content AS posts_content,
                b.post_date AS posts_date,
                c.ID AS authors_id,
                c.display_name AS authors_name
            FROM '.$var_setting['table'].' a
            LEFT JOIN '.$var_setting['table_posts'].' b
            ON a.item_id = b.ID
            LEFT JOIN '.$var_setting['table_users']." c
            ON c.ID = b.post_author
                b.post_status = 'publish'
                AND a.user_id = %s
            ORDER BY b.post_title DESC",

Any ideas on how I could convert this to WP_Query, able to take args ?
Thank you in advance!

Read more here: Convert SQL Query to WP_Query

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