Correct way to use register_activation_hook

Hi I am developing a plugin and got stuck at one point. I have tried exploring different forums as well as WordPress codex but its not 100% clear. Can anyone help me understand how register_activation_hook actually works.

I have the following code that does not work:

register_activation_hook(__FILE__, ‘plugin_activation_fn’ );
function plugin_activation_fn(){
define(‘PLUGIN_DIR’, plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ));
require_once PLUGIN_DIR . ‘includes/contact.php’;

But if I move that code outside of register_activation_hook function then it works fine

define(‘PLUGIN_DIR’, plugin_dir_path( __FILE__ ));
require_once PLUGIN_DIR . ‘options.php’;
require_once PLUGIN_DIR . ‘includes/contactone.php’;

contact.php contains the following code:

if (!empty($_GET[’email’]) && !empty($_GET[‘token’])) {
add_action(‘init’, ‘my_test_fn’, 0);
function my_test_fn(){

What am I doing wrong? Please help. thanks

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