Count other prices from price incl tax

we need to solve problem with prices and taxes based on country:
In EU countries we need 21% tax. For non-EU countries we need 0% tax.

We need to have always price $89 incl. Tax.

When I set up in Woocommerce Price incl. tax and put there $89 – it’s counting that this is the price incl. tax, but realculating price:
For 0 % VAT
from 21 % as $89 – 0.21*$89 = price for non EU countries.

We need:

Price for EU:

$ 89 % incl tax, 21% tax, $73,6 without Tax

Price for non EU:

$ 89 % incl tax, 0% tax, $0 without Tax

Any ideas how to manage this?

Thank you a lot!

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