Counting Posts by Category

I am trying to learn WP Query but finding it a little hard going. I have Posts created from a Forum Plugin (wps_forum_post) and I wish to display counts in descending order based on their selected category (wps_forum_post .meta.wps_fe_brand-retailer-service) and within that three more counts from a further selection (wps_forum_post .meta.wps_fe_overall-experience). I can not seem to be able to get my head around how to do this.

The results I want to display are similar to this:

Brand B (Total 32) POSITIVE (10) INDIFFERENT (12) NEGATIVE (10)
Brand C (Total 28) POSITIVE (8) INDIFFERENT (10) NEGATIVE (10)
Brand A (Total 26) POSITIVE (10) INDIFFERENT (10) NEGATIVE (6)

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