I have been wrapping my brain on what plugins to use in WordPress for this or even if there is a third party feature like Google Photos that could do this. Here is what I need.

I need to create a Photo Gallery, which users can upload photos (batch amount of photos) in using the Frontend only (they will not be given access to the backend of the site for safety purposes). Once the user uploads the photos, they will then be taken on a gallery page of some sort. On that gallery page, I would like to have another user go in and edit the caption of the photo (basically letting us know who is pictured). Now I can create have a person in the frontend upload pictures and create a gallery, which I can use N-Media File Upload and Manager or User Photo Gallery plugin. But… The hardest part is trying to figure out if there is a plugin that another person from the frontend can go into the gallery, find the image, and add or edit a caption of that image that was already uploaded.

Any ideas is appreciated.

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