Create several similar posts by template

I am creating a nacional directory where I need to create several similar posts by a template.

For example:

$city = [‘Los Angeles’,’Orlando’,’Las Vegas’,’Seattle’];

Post title:

Best places to eat at $city

Post content:

You can have (an amazing|a great|a wonderful|a majestic) time at $city by visiting (several|some|many of the) places we will (suggest|recommend) on this list.

$city is the list of posts I need to create (and them used on post content)
The words (between|parentheses) should be randomly selected so the posts don’t be equal.

I found some plugins that can do almost everything I need.

Mass Page/Posts Creator
Quick Bulk Post & Page Creator

And I finally find the perfect plugin, with everything needed: WP SBPM.

The problem is all this plugins are very dated, without any update for 3+ years.

So… Does anyone know any updated plugin that can achieve that?

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