Creating a database for students

the institute where I am working at wants to create a database for students. I will have to find the best and easiest solution for this application and I need your opinions.

  • We would like to create a website/web application where students can enter their data into a form, without having access to the database.

  • Once the data has been entered, the students shouldn’t be allowed to change the data entered.

  • The institutes employees should then be able to access the database and enter some more data, like thesis deadline.

  • It is fairly important to us to be able to export a student’s data into a .pdf form 1.

  • We would also like this data to be automatically deleted after a defined number of years(5 or 10 years), maybe after automatically sending a notification to the datamanager.

  • Because of hacking worries, the institute wants this website to be only accessed locally. What this means is that in order for a student to be able to enter his data, he will have to come and use the institute’s computers.

We’ve been thinking about using MS Access but I guess a CMS would be the solution in this case. Now I only need your opinions on which CMS-platform to use for this kind of application. Is there maybe another platform we can use in this case? The main focus should be the ease of use, both for me creating it and the employees using it. I also need to be able to find documentation (books, tutorials, how-to’s) for it.

Thank you!

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