Creating a gallery overview page

I’m currently trying to create an overview page that shows images from different galleries as a grid and should link to the corresponding gallery page when clicking on an image. I’m not sure which plugin to use, I just went with NextGEN Gallery for now.

I’ve created a “Gallery” page and a few subpages, as well as NextGEN galleries for the subpages. But now I’m stuck. How do I design my overview/parent page? I’d like to avoid reuploading the images into a new gallery for this purpose, but even if I did, I’d still don’t know how to make the pictures link to the corresponding subpage with the gallery…

I also thought about creating the overview manually with default WP media, but the pictures uploaded for NextGEN don’t show up in the media library of WP.

I don’t mind changing the plugin if this is easier, but it needs to be able to manage my uploads in folders/galleries and I want to have a lightbox feature.

Read more here: Creating a gallery overview page

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