Creating a theme just to deploy a single page

I’m working on creating a simple single-page web app for an art project. This is mostly a lot of JavaScript, and a custom UI. I was told early on that the organisation commissioning the piece will provide web hosting on their site. Now I’ve found out that their site uses WordPress, and it looks like I’ll have to kind of hack the framework to deploy a single HTML file and associated resources.

From reading around it seems the simplest solution would be to create a new theme, a new page, and apply that theme to that one page. My question is – if that is the best route – what is the minimum I would need to do to get that working?

I’ve read that the minimum requirements for a WordPress theme are a style.css with a header comment, and an index.php. I’m wondering, could I simply save my HTML file as index.php, without it containing any actual PHP code, and deploy it that way? Or perhaps I need to save it as page.php and leave the index.php as the default minimal code? Are there any requirements beyond having those two files?

Also, since I have been given full admin access to their site, and my first priority is not to mess with it in any way, is there anything I should bear in mind to ensure my theme doesn’t interfere with the rest of the site?

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