CSS: Add different style to one page

So I am using the free version of wordpress, which sort of complicates things.
I think if I could use multiple style sheets, it would make my life easier.

That being said, how would I go about adding a style to only one page?
I have a general style sheet that sets all my website layout.

I’m adding tables to my website that are styled according to css styling.
Here’s the tales I am trying to use:

Here’s the theme that is being used on the website:

so I want the general layout of the website to stay the same, but have the table show up on the pricing page that is brought up.

I tried placing 1 style into the portion of my pricing page html, but that didn’t do anything. The page loaded with text, but not layout or tables.

Can I put both styles in 1 style sheet? How would I go about setting these tables up?

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