CSS font change not working

I want to change the font of my website (https://consult.law) to Raleway cyrillic, which is not available on Google fonts and I have it as .ttf-s. However, @font-face doesn’t work – it doesn’t loads the src url for the fonts. When I override headings, body, p, q, li, a to look for a specific font-family, it works, but then it doesn’t find it and converts texts to Times New Roman. Tried using 2 WP plugins – Font Organizer and Use Any Font, but they didn’t work either.

Also, on the test url for the same website (http://ags.thejurist.co/ags) font plugins do work (I’m using Font Organizer there) and it easily got converted to Raleway there, but for some reason this doesn’t work on the new website, although they should be identical. The new one is just WP installed, copied wp-content folder from the test one and then theme settings set up from the admin panel.

Can you help me on how I could change the font, so that it gets successfully changed to Raleway cyrillic? Thanks!

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