I had a website hacked a while back and I’ve been cleaning out the server, changing / updating things, changing passwords etc and one of the things i cant figure out is, why when this website (http://prestigesolar.net/) is viewed on a mobile, the site loads but no style or images come through.

I’ve checked the header areas of the site for possible mobile stylesheets, .htaccess files, css files themselves for possible @meta screen code or @import http://wordpressrelated.com/files/etc….hoping id find maybe a bad/hacked path or…or anything to give me a clue, but overall I’ve mostly found nothing or corrected/removed weird paths etc.

After all this, the site started behaving semi normal but then when viewing the site on a mobile, i would get redirected to a porn site. I kept looking and found other .htaccess files
that when i put onto my system to edit gave me massive trojan warnings etc. I’ve since removed them all and placed a normal lean one.

Now the site itself is fixed (at least for now) but, when viewing the site on a mobile, it now displays only text.

As far as the website is concerned, its a wordpress based website, standard win server. normal plugins etc and is based on the WP 2010 default theme.

Any ideas as to other things i can look at to correct this issue?
Thanks in advanced.

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