CSS Style sheet is updated, but updates won’t show

I already read all the other questions with a similar topic, but none could help me.
The CSS file is updated in the WordPress Dashboard and also when I check it in my FTP. So, there’s no doubt that the source is correct.

But in my browser (and in others like on my mobile phone) it won’t load the updated CSS sheet which causes some parts to look horrible, e.g. here:

  • I deleted the browser leverage in my httaccess file:
  • I deactivated my cache plugin.
  • I cleared my browser cache.
  • I tried CTRL + F5.

Nothing helps. It just won’t load the updated style sheet.
Any other ideas?

I only changed my header.php
https://**pastebin.com/sUZXU12E , but nothing concerning CSS.

Thank you so much.

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