CSS Stylesheet edit to remove "Free Entry" on WordPress theme

Been beating my head against this problem for a bit… It is probably either really easy to do and I am a dolt, or really hard to do and not worth it. Basicly I have a wordpress theme that has a nice Event widget included. It works great but it puts a lame “Free Entry” button on every event. All of our events are free so it’s just kind of an eyesoar. I have been trying to edit the stylesheet to remove it but I can’t figure it out. Here is the site I am working on: http://comerestministries.com/wordpress/homepage3/

The code I am looking at I think is this:

<li class="ecs-event">
  <a href="http://comerestministries.com/wordpress/event/awakening-of-love-2/">
    <h3>Awakening of Love</h3>
    <span>Free entry</span></a></li>

Is there an easy way to remove that final Span tag every time it tries to display… like a “display: none !important;” tag? I tried to add that to the style sheet but couldn’t quite figure it out.

Read more here: CSS Stylesheet edit to remove "Free Entry" on WordPress theme

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