Curious PHP/HTML/JS syntax

What is the functional difference between these two snippets of code

<!--?php include('json-ld.php'); ?--><script type="application/ld+json">// <![CDATA[
<?php echo json_encode($payload); ?>
// ]]></script>


<?php include('json-ld.php'); ?><script type="application/ld+json">
<?php echo json_encode($payload); ?>

My objective is to apply a JSON-LD file (containing structured data) to my WordPress site. The first code is taken from this page, and purports to do what I need. But I can’t understand why the author would post a snippet with so many comments. From what I understand about HTML and JS comments, the code appears to be functionally equivalent to the bottom code. I am posting here to assure myself that I am not misunderstanding something about this syntax.

Perhaps there is a security purpose for using the commented code? If so, I would be interested in practicing best practices in terms of security.


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