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I am creating a new custom admin page. For reasons I cannot explain here (due to the length of the explanation), I cannot create the custom admin section via Custom Post Type, but rather, I have to create this page manually (and by that I mean, I had to add the side menus and sub menus manually, then add page content manually…. etc.).

Now, I need to create admin “widgets” (I am not sure if this is the correct terminology, but I will explain what I mean by “widgets” in the next paragraphs).

As you can see in the attached screenshot:

One of those widgets is “Categories” (which is circled in red), another is “Publish”, and a third is “Format” and so on.

I need the following

  • What WordPress method/action should I use to add those widgets (example is the “Categories” widget circled in red?

  • How to make those widgets draggable? (I need to have the flexibility of changing their location)

  • How do I make those widgets collapsible (e.g., the green circles around the collapse/expand arrows show what I need)

  • How to add the “Screen Options” drop down (circled in orange)

  • How to add a screen option for each widget I need to show/hide (example, the “Categories” screen option that is circled in red in the top right of this above image, would show/hide the “Categories” widget that is circled in red)

  • Important Note: This may seem to be a number of different questions, but I thought those should be asked together, because they are related, I think.

    I do not need a full answer, all I need is a pointer to the method, or methods, used for my needs, so I can dig deeper.

    I really appreciate your help and cooperation. Cheers.

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