Custom Navigation Menu Widget wordpress 4.9

I am a beginner @ wordpress and I am having difficulty in removing classes that are being added to the custom navigation menu widget.

Everything that I have come accroos to add my own custom menu widget here on stack is prior to 2014 and when i use any of them (as an example: Customise the custom menu widget) i get the depreciated message.

Here is the output of whats being prvovided by the default wp navigation menu widget:

<ul id=”menu-footer-product-menu” class=”text”>
<li class=”nav-item menu-item menu-shared-cloud”>
<a class=”nav-link” href=”#”>Shared Cloud</a>

What I am trying to acheive is:

<ul class=”text”>
<a href=”#”>Shared Cloud</a>

I currently have wrapping divs etc registered with my sidebar so that no issue. I just want to strip the nav-item/menu-item/nav-link classes altoghter and get it loking like my prefered example above.

Evrything points to a custom nav menu widget but they all the ones I have come accross on stack use deperciated calls 🙁

Can any pros help here…

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