custom page dropped off from templates drop down

I’m in a spot of bother and hope there is someone who has had this same issue or knows how to help.

I created a custom page.php 7 months ago, which is linked to a wordpress page via. the templates drop down.

I’ve noticed this morning, that when I go to the page it just shows a blank white page and no content.

I went to the admin menu -> pages on wordpress, and can see that it no longer appears in the drop down. Bare in mind, this was working fine 2 days ago.

I checked the html file and can see that the line:


   Template name: The Landing Page

get_header(); ?>

remains within the HTML file untouched.

So what’s changed? Well I updated my theme yesterday and ran a few plugin updates. This morning I rolled back the theme update but this made no difference.

I got in touch with my hosting provider who advised that this could be a theme or a data corruption issue.

Any ideas from the community?

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