I usually code in Ruby on Rails where each model has “Show” pages and “Index” pages. I am now re-creating a website in WordPress (based on an old RoR-site) using Custom Post for each model.

I have, for example, a model named Review. In Rails if Reviews have the slug /reviews then each Review will have a url like /reviews/this-review and at the url /reviews all the Reviews can/will be listed.

It seems like in WordPress with Custom Posts I choose a similar slug /reviews for a Custom Post which creates each review as /reviews/this-review or /reviews/123 (which is fine) but there is no index page created where I can display all reviews on /reviews.

I have solved this by creating a Page called Reviews with that slug (/reviews). There is no conflict when I add the Page but if I update the Custom Post it complains about the slug already being used.

What is the typical way of solving this in WordPress so that I can show all Reviews (Custom Posts) on one page without slug conflicts?

Read more here: Custom Post index page displaying all Custom Post’s – without slug conflict


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