Custom Post Type -> Custom Taxonomy -> Post Name URL

I’m new here and pretty new to WordPress development. I tend to lean on plugins (even though I shouldn’t) to help me get through the more advanced things. Right now I am struggling with my URL structure for a site.

My desired URL structure is: domain/CustomPostType/CustomTaxonomy/CustomTax.Term/PostName

I created a CPT and custom taxonomy but keep getting either 404s or 400s. I would like a few of my CPT to have multiple taxonomies and the url dynamically generated based on that. For example, one CPT is “Training”. I would like one taxonomy to be “Muscle Group”. I created several “Muscle Groups” (arms, chest, back). The other custom taxonomy “cardio” with terms “running, swimming”.

I would like the URL to read:

Please let me know if you guys have any solutions. I have been researching for the past week and this is my last shot.

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