Custom Taxo Not Appearing in WP-Admin Sidebar

I am registering a custom post-type & registering a custom taxonomy to that post type.

Using bones-theme. This works fine on php 7.0 but isn’t working on 7.2

Registering the custom post-types works as expected.

Registering the custom taxonomy to the custom post-types doesn’t add the taxonomy to the sidebar menu under the post type unless it’s a default WordPress post-type (it works fine for post, but not for my custom post-type)

The only thing missing is the item in the wp-admin sidebar. I can navigate directly to wp-admin/edit-tags.php?taxonomy=custom_taxo&post_type=custom_pt & edit the taxonomy terms, but I don’t have the item in the sidebar.

I have tried tweaking the way the post-types & taxonomies are registered, I moved them out of the theme into their own plugin, changed the registration arguments, changed the weight of the registration functions… Nothing seems to work. & I was not able to detect any php errors.

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