Customizer JS API: Adding Setting Dynamically Not Working

I’m using the JS & PHP code displayed below to add a customizer setting dynamically. I know that saving the setting works because when I echo get_theme_mod(‘mySetting’) within a theme template file, the saved value is returned. However, after a browser refresh within the customizer, the input does not display the saved value but rather the value used when the setting is instantiated (JS Default Value?). What am I doing wrong?

// JS enqueued via action hook: customize_controls_enqueue_scripts

(function( $, api ) {
api.bind( ‘ready’, function() {

var section = new api.Section( ‘my-section’, {
title : ‘Dynamic Setting Section’,
priority : 1,
customizeAction : ‘Customizing’

var setting = new api.Setting( ‘mySetting’, ‘JS Default Value?’ );

var control = new api.Control( ‘my-control’, {
type : ‘text’,
section : ‘my-section’,
setting : setting

api.section.add( section );

api.add( setting );

api.control.add( control );

})( jQuery, wp.customize );

As explained by Weston Ruter in more detail here and here, dynamically created settings must also be registered in PHP because:

In order for a setting to be safely stored it must be sanitized and validated by the server. Relying on client-side sanitization and validation is dangerous.

add_filter( ‘customize_dynamic_setting_args’,function( $setting_args, $setting_id )
if ( ‘mySetting’ == $setting_id ) {
$setting_args = array(
‘transport’ => ‘postMessage’,
‘default’ => ‘PHP Default Value!’,
‘sanitize_callback’ => ‘wp_strip_all_tags’,

return $setting_args;

Read more here:: Customizer JS API: Adding Setting Dynamically Not Working

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