Deactivate sub-plugin when parent-plugin is deactivated

I’m trying to build a child plugin which needs another parent plugin to work correctly. I’ve managed it so far, that the child plugin can’t be activated when the parent plugin isn’t installed or activated.

Now I’m working on the point that the child plugin is deactivated on the moment when the parent plugin is deactivated. I’m trying to hook in on the

add_action(‘deactivated_plugin’, ‘functionxxx’)

But it look’s like, when doing some dump and die in the core WordPress files, that at first it deactivated my child plugin and then tries to deactivate the parent plugin. But when it deactivates the parent plugin, I can see my child-plugin in the list with activated plugins.

My code so far:

Plugin base file:


Plugin Name: xxx
Plugin URI:
Author URI:

require_once __DIR__ . ‘/vendor/autoload.php’;

new Test();

Test Class


class Test
public function __construct()
add_action(‘deactivated_plugin’, [$this, ‘detectPluginDeactivation’])

public function detectPluginDeactivation($plugin): void
if ($plugin === ‘xxx’) {

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