Development plugin doubts

I need to develop a WordPress plugin to run the management of a studio academy and I’ve been looking for information about it; But right now I’m pretty mixed up in certain doubts that come to me. I hope you can help me:

  1. I have to create several tables where I store the information relative to the functionality of the plugin and I do not need to use for it those that incorporates WordPress in the installation. Is it better to create them in the WordPress database itself or in a new database?

  2. I wanted to implement the functionality using Bootstrap and AJAX to perform among other tasks a CRUD for courses and students of the academy. But I do not know what is the most convenient way to apply it following the development of the plugin:

    • Creating a Rest API in PHP or using the one that incorporates WordPress and add the functionality that I need

    • Using JSON directly

    • Using OOP in PHP with each of the plugin functionalities

Finally, if you could recommend some page or book where you can find help information for the development of plugin, apart from the documentation on the development page of WordPress would appreciate it

Thank you very much in advance


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