Different images on different pages

I have created a website on WordPress and it has 4 pages. I want the different main image of each page. how should I do? I know the codes but the problem is where should I keep my image to select. I am working on the HTTP site and I have uploaded all files in the server. So I have to upload my image on the server and pick from there? if yes then how? If no then please tell me how to select this image?
There is no drag and drop way for each page.

2nd problem is I have written codes for a paragraph as I want. and the rest of the page develop according to my need. I want to change the bg colour of only one paragraph but every time when I write codes no output come or it changes the bg of the full page.

The final problem is my WordPress page showed writing on half of the page. The right side of the page is empty. what should I do to fix it. ?

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