Different Taxonomy Values for Each Post

I’m trying to build a site at the moment that includes the different stores and times that albums will release.

I’m not sure how I should structure it with custom taxonomies and custom fields etc. The main problem is that I want each taxonomy to have the same fields but different values for each post.

I’m thinking:

Post = An Album Release
Stores = Custom Taxonomy (includes Amazon, Discogs, iTunes, Tidal etc)

Album X might be available at two stores but each would have a different release time and price.


Post – Album X
Stores – Amazon (released 12pm, price 9.99), iTunes (released 9am, price 7.99)

Ideally I want to be able to create a post for Album X and have a table/box at the bottom of the edit page which would have a drop down to select first store, then a few customisable fields for that store on that post only. Then another drop down for store 2 and store 3 etc.

I hope I’ve explained this OK?

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