Diigo Chrome Extension Breaks ListingPro WordPress Theme/Plugin

Hoping I can get help from some fellow WordPress users (especially those that may be using the ListingPro theme/plugin for their site.

I previously posted this comment here (https://themeforest.net/item/listingpro-multipurpose-directory-theme/19386460/comments?page=158&filter=all#comment_19174036), but could not get support, so figured I would give stackexchange a try:

After much troubleshooting, I discovered that having the Diigo bookmarking extension enabled in Chrome, causes my site (specifically the ListingPro theme) to break.

When loading pages which display the google map view, the map pointers will load for a quick second and then disappear. Once I disable the diigo extension in chrome, the map pointer issue is resolved.

Asking ListingPro for support proved frutile as the root cause of the issue appears to be related to the Diigo extension, hence they will not support. However, I feel asking Diigo for support will also prove not to be of much help.

Therefore, I’m hoping someone on this site could help point me in the right direction. The theme is great, but unfortunately, for any user visiting the site with the Diigo extension enabled, they will view what appears to be a broken site. I would like to resolve this issue if possible, as this map pointer function is a critical piece.

I have created a screen recording here, to see the issue in action: https://www.useloom.com/share/c6711912ddf740fa832da283e2458f7c

You can see a live example if you have Diigo installed by going here: https://www.yoninja.com/?select=Food+%26+Drinks&lp_s_loc=Shinjuku&lp_s_tag=&lp_s_cat=52&s=home&post_type=listing

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