I have a list of emails (dealers) and I need when I receive order in wp-admin i open this order and send this order to a dealer (commercial , user…). Every dealer have email and mark this order in custom field that he have been send to this dealer.

In my woocommerce orders page I need to open a order and do something like this :

  • Order 001 — > send to Email1@exemple.com = Order 001 – Sent to Email1@exemple.com
  • Order 002 —-> send to Email2@exemple.com = Order 002 – Sent to Email2@exemple.com
  • Order 003 — > send to Email1@exemple.com = Order 003 – Sent to Email1@exemple.com

I don’t know where to start.

Does anyone have an idea or some code to achieve something like this?


Read more here: Dispatch received orders woocommerce to dealers sending email notifications


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