I need little help with the logic here.
I have two custom post types “vacation” and “destination”, with plugin cpt-onomies I made my post type “destination” to be shown like taxonomy in my post type “vacation”. I need to display all term names “destination” that are selected in every posts in post type “vacation”, but if there are two posts with same tax name must display only one. And when you click on some name must go to the page that shows all the posts who have that taxonomy name.
Example: We have 5 posts in post type “vacation” and 2 posts in “destination” (“Sofia”, “Varna”) they playing taxonomy role in “vacation”, 3 posts are selected “Sofia”, and 2 “Varna”. On the displaying we have only 2 links “Sofia” and “Varna”, when you click on “Sofia” it brings you to page with these 3 posts that are with taxonomy name “Sofia”.
I don’t know how to start my wp query, if someone can help me a little it will be very helpful for me. Thank you.

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