this is what the structure is currently when viewing with chrome's inspector

I’m new here and brand new to WordPress in general.

I have a page with different types of recipes – easy, medium, difficult. I am using a “Custom Post Type” to format it, which is fine, and I am using a “tag” to add the relevant difficulty level. I have a three-column archive page which shows a snippet of the article + the difficulty level below it.

Now, where I’m stuck is:

I would like to dynamically display an image instead of the label text. I don’t have the image yet, but something like three chef’s hats in a row. It’s a very specific design, so I can’t just use an icon set.

I know this should be possible with php, but my php knowledge is non-existent. I can use Genesis Extender’s “Custom Functions” area to add it safely, I just need to know what to add.

So, in short, what I’m looking for is:

  • ability to associate an image with each label
  • ability to display the image instead of the label, with alt-text for screen readers etc.

This is what Chrome’s inspector is showing for the relevant area.

The “footer” is being added by the following custom script (given to me by someone).

Thanks for any help!

Read more here: Displaying image instead of post label in wordpress – Genesis theme, Genesis Extender


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