Divi/WordPress – Google Ads not working on certain devices when placed after Divi Blog Feed Standard module on Category pages

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We’re trying to figure out why our Google Ad slots won’t show ads in a certain situation in our Divi themed WordPress site. We’re using the ‘Extra’ Divi theme, and the problem is that the google ads won’t show if placed below the Blog Feed Standard module on any category page (built with the Category Builder in Divi). We’re only running tests on the homepage right now.

The problem is only on some mobile devices (notably a iPhone 7 and 7+ that we’ve been testing with) the google ads in the 2nd slot after the blog feed won’t show up.

There’s nothing apparently wrong with the ad slot, it will show ads if you put it above the blog feed with the 1st ad slot. It will also show ads if you remove the blog feed module entirely.

Conversely if you move the 1st ad slot down under the blog feed module with the 2nd one, -neither- of them will show ads!

So there’s something going on with the blog feed standard module in which google ads placed after it on a category page do not work, and we kind of need them to work. We’ve tried the ad code in an Advanced Ads rotator plugin shortcode, and just straight in a Divi Code module (and text module as well). We’ve even had it called in via Javascript after document ready.

Same results regardless of implementation. Keep in mind that it works on most devices, except some mobile devices, and that’s where we want the ads to show, on mobile.

See screenshot attached for example of what the missing ad does (the spot that says ‘Advertisement’ with the little line below it, that’s where the ad should show up, not the Pre-Order section below it, that’s a different ad not related to google ads). No console errors or anything when this happens.

We’ve also tried regular static ads (with set dimensions) and the responsive ad units. Same results.

Has anyone encountered this issue or have any ideas?

Thanks again guys!

Mobile Screenshot, Ad should be between Advertisement and grey line below Advertisement

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