Duplicates of old articles appearing

WordPress is making duplicates / copies of old posts and I can’t figure out why or how. There is no specific rule, they just suddenly pop up out of nowhere. Only thing that makes them stand out is that they are missing thumbnail images, and it seems like images related to article are also duplicated in the media library, but without assigned author and no generated thumbnail.

I’ve checked my functions.php but there are no operations that deal with “saving” content, only retrieving it (widgets, etc…).

Here is list of extensions that I’m using on my website if it helps :

Advanced Custom Fields PRO
Admin Columns
AdRotate Professional
Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order
Contact Form 7
Cookie Notice
Custom Post Type UI
Disqus Comment System
Fly Dynamic Image Resizer
Force Post Title
Force Regenerate Thumbnails
Jetpack by WordPress.com
Radio Buttons for Taxonomies
Scheduled Post Trigger
TinyMCE Advanced
TinyMCE Templates
WordPress Popular Posts
WP Super Cache

From those extensions these are my prime suspects, but I can’t find anyone with the same problem :

Advanced Custom Fields PRO
Force Post Title
Jetpack by WordPress.com
Scheduled Post Trigger

I thought it might have been Scheduled Post Trigger but I’ve checked the code, and it just sets publish status to articles if publish date is less than current date, so it shouldn’t cause duplicates.

I’m lost with this one.

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