Duplicating Table of Contents for Paginated Post

I have a technical blog with very long posts. I’m using pagination (via ) to separate the content into multiple pages.

I manually add an html table of contents (TOC) on the top of each page of one of my posts (below is just an example for one post, the content changes from post to post):

<table class=”noborder”><tr><td><ol>
<li class=”highlight”><a href=”http://www.radiandynamics.com/tutorials/raspberry-pi-i2c-and-spi/1/”>Introduction</a></li>
<li class=”nohighlight”><a href=”http://www.radiandynamics.com/tutorials/raspberry-pi-i2c-and-spi/2/”>I2C Fundamentals</a></li>
<li class=”nohighlight”><a href=”http://www.radiandynamics.com/tutorials/raspberry-pi-i2c-and-spi/3/”>I2C on the Raspberry Pi</a></li>
<li class=”nohighlight”><a href=”http://www.radiandynamics.com/tutorials/raspberry-pi-i2c-and-spi/4/”>Enabling I2C on Raspberry Pi</a></li>
<li class=”nohighlight”><a href=”http://www.radiandynamics.com/tutorials/raspberry-pi-i2c-and-spi/5/”>I2C Transactions Using Python</a></li>
<li class=”nohighlight”><a href=”http://www.radiandynamics.com/tutorials/raspberry-pi-i2c-and-spi/6/”>Raspberry Pi to AVR I2C Communication</a></li>

For each page in the post I modify the css list class above (to “highlight” or “nohighlight”) to indicate to the user which page is being viewed. You can get a better idea what I mean by navigating to one of the links above.

So here’s the thing. Whenever I modify the page structure, table of content titles, etc, I need to duplicate then edit the html code for each page. This is a huge pain for posts that have 20+ pages.

Is there a way I can automate this? I’m envisioning a shortcode that would define all of the TOC html formatting and page titles at the top of the post, then another shortcode that I could call the TOC with an index to load the html code but also set the class value to “highlight” or “nohighlight” based on a provided index value.

Is this possible? Can I ‘store’ data across shortcodes? Or maybe I can store TOC data in a custom field then conditionally change the data in it when accessed?

I’d appreciate a bit of direction. Thanks

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