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What im looking to achive:
In short i’m trying to modify the search output of both the Customer & Product search in the admin panel to show additional information.
For exampel i would like the Customer Search to show the company name relativ to the username i just searched for.

What i have done:

  • I have been looking through the woocommerce files, but as you know their is probably around 8 million diffrent files, so sadly i have not been able to find anything that could help me out.
  • I have been looking through the hooks/filters, but I’m not quite clear what hook-/filter-name i should be looking for, so this also havent helped me get any closer to my goal.
  • Last but not least, i have googled quite alot :). But same problem as with the hooks/filters, I’m not quite sure what to search for – so hard to find anything.
  • Screenshot:
    Below is the fields in question if it was not clear:

    Read more here: Edit output of the Customer-/Product-AJAX search @ Admin -> Add Order


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